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As a home owner that is interested in exceptional design & beauty for your home, Shoreline Stampcrete is your source for superior decorative concrete. We guide you through the process, providing exactly what you need for your project - from design assistance to professional installation...and everything in between.
  • Local showroom with samples, pictures, brochures & additional ideas to help you envison your ideas - opening in 2012!.
  • Design specialists to assist with all aspects of the project - from the concrete to the landscaping.
  • Referral network of highly qualified installation experts & professional job site preparation contractors.
Decorative, stamped concrete with thousands of colors, designs, textures & stains from Shoreline Stampcrete.
Patios ~ Sidewalks ~ Driveways ~ Pool Decks ~ Landscaping ~ Stairs ~ Garage Floors ~ Walkways

Let us help you create your own personalized outdoor environment with a permanent, fade-resistant, low maintenance decorative concrete design that you can enjoy for years to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is decorative concrete and how is it done?
Decorative stamped concrete in Grand Rapids, Jenison, Hudsonville, Holland, Ada, Rockford, Grandville - all of West Michigan. There are a variety of options for concrete these days. The most popular is “cast in place.” This involves placing integral colored concrete (the same way one would place reguar concrete), finishing it, then a secondary color release agent is spread over the concrete. Finally, a rigid stamp with a pattern is impressed into the concrete, creating a permanent design - looking like stone, brick, slate, etc.

Q: Why choose decorative concrete over pavers or other options?
Decorative concrete services - design, stains, colors, textures, patterns & more for Grand Rapids and all of West Michigan. The obvious answer is cost. On average, stamped concrete costs about half as much as properly installed pavers for the same area. However, an additional benefit is that cast in place, stamped concrete is permanent. That means there is no shifting and therefore little to no maintenance.

Q: How many varieties of colors and stamps are there?
Decorative concrete supplier for Grand Rapids, Jenison, Hudsonville, Holland, Ada, Grand Haven, Grandville - all of West Michigan. Shoreline Stampcrete offers over 50 different integral colors (of concrete), 20 different release agents (accenting color), 7 different highlighting colors (for highlighting and customizing finishes) as well as over 45 different color hardeners. Shoreline also offers over 50 varieties of texturing stamps to mimic and create looks of natural stone, brick, slate, etc. If you do the math, 50 x 20 x 7 x 45 x 50 = 15,750,000 combinations! It should never be a problem finding the right solution to any project. Just tell us what look you want to achieve and we can make it happen!

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