Decorative, stamped, cast in place concrete product, supplies & equipment in Michigan. PRODUCTS - For Home Builders and Contractors

As a home builder or contractor, you need options to provide superior design & durable finishes for decorative concrete applications. Shoreline Stampcrete is the exclusive Michigan distributor for the Stampcrete System* of decorative concrete products and supplies.
  • Synthetic integral color that is permanent, fade resistant & streak-free
  • Dry blend of chemical powders & color pigments in release agents
  • Triple layer, lifetime warrantied stamps
  • Over 50 styles & textures for every design application
Concrete stamps, tools, colors, stains & more for an exceptional decorative concrete system.
* Stampcrete System is cast-in-place concrete, integrally colored and stamped with U.S. patented platform/texturing tools to produce a surface similar to natural stone, brick, slate and other natural paving materials. Base color is achieved through integral color pigments in the concrete mix or surface treated with color hardeners. A powdered color release agent is used in the stamping process and insures maximum surface detail while providing a second color for surface highlights and distinctive grout line look. Stampcrete's special acrylic base sealer added in the curing process provides full color depth and richness with maximum concrete protection.

What Shoreline Stampcrete Offers Home Builders and Contractors
  • The highest quality products, supplies and equipment know in the industry.
  • Stamp sets have lifetime warranty.
  • Walk-in pick-up as well as direct delivery for any supplies.
  • Design & application consulting for home owners, home builders & contractors.
  • Installation training for home builders & contractors.
  • Referral network to connect quality, knowledgeable contractors with home owners or home builders.
  • Showroom with samples, pictures, brochures and project ideas.
  • Discounts on all purchases and special pricing on large orders.
Superior decorative concrete products for contractors & home builders in West Michigan - Jenison, Holland, Ada, Rockford, Hudsonville, Saugatuck, Grand Rapids and all of West Michigan.Technical data sheets for our products are available below. For MSDS, concrete mix design & other general information, contact Shoreline Stampcrete.

Stampcrete Intregal Colors
Stampcrete Color Hardeners
Stampcrete Colour-Seal
Stampcrete Super Intense Highlighting Colors
Stampcrete Colored Release Agents
Stampcrete Intense Liquied Colorants
Stampcrete Patina Stains
Clear Ultra Sheen 3000
Clear Ultra Sheen 6000
Clear Ultra Sheen 7000
Clear Seal 9000
Stampcrete Fiber

Click here to see color charts for our Stampcrete products!

Located with Georgetown Foundation and Supply in Jenison, Michigan, we work together to meet the needs of all concrete contractors. Tools, sealers, expansion, decorative concrete supplies, overlay systems, acid stains, etc. You can find it all in a one-stop location!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes Stampcrete products superior in the industry?
Decorative concrete supplier for Grand Rapids, Holland, Ada, Zeeland - all of West Michgian. From integral colors, Stampcrete is a pure synthetic powdered color resistant to fading. Stampcrete averages approximately 7 lbs. per yard of concrete, as well as a chemical powder with color pigment release agent for a secondary color. Stampcrete’s patented stamp sets feature impeccable detail, triple-ply construction and a lifetime warranty.

Q: How difficult is it to learn how to stamp?
Decorative, stamped concrete in West Michigan - Grand Rapids, Holland, Grand Haven, Ada, Rockford & beyond. If you know how to pour and finish concrete, then you know about 75% of what you need to know to stamp concrete. Part of the Shoreline Stampcrete advantage is our readiness to show contractors how to stamp effectively and efficiently. The Stampcrete products are among the easiest to work with in the industry.

Q: How easy is and what is the best way to color the concrete?
Cast in place concrete - Grand Rapids, Holland, Grand Haven...all of West Michigan. Other manufacturers supply colors in liquid form while others come dry in 12 – 20 pound bags. Shoreline integral color is supplied in pails that are easy to use, stack, store and transport. Designed to mix on site, the color can be simply added to the concrete truck and mixed thoroughly. When possible, the ideal approach is to have the desired color(s) shipped and/or delivered to your Redi-mix supplier and mixed with your concrete at the same time.

Q: How long can I expect my decorative concrete to last?
Concrete stamps, tools & colors for all of Michigan. Stampcrete decorative concrete uses an integral color that is completely mixed in the concrete pour, so any chips or weathering does not stand out. Our system uses a high quality sealer that on most patios, sidewalks and porches only needs be re-applied once every 3 – 4 years. Based on our experience, as well as customer testimonials, we frequently have projects made using the Stampcrete system over 10 years old that look like they did the day of installation.

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